The Black Cat Blue Sea Award (2nd time) Woot!

Obviously somebody thinks I am an awesome blogger and is spamming me with all these awards (pst) PoojaG, I love it! thank you. This is the second time I have been nominated for this award and I was hoping for some reason that maybe the cat would turn into a puppy! lmao, because dogs are better!Continue reading “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award (2nd time) Woot!”

Real Neat Blog Award!

I am not sure if this a dream or reality, because it was just last night I was up late doing an award that I was nominated by from my dear blogger friend PoojaG, now I am nominated once again after waking up. LOL. This seems unreal, and partly funny because I go to bed withContinue reading “Real Neat Blog Award!”

Blogger Recognition Award!

Thank you PoojaG for nominating me for this award, I am very pleased! & congrats to you for being nominated as well! If any of you have not had the chance to check out her blog page, you should. PoojGa creates poetry and shares inspirational quotes among her audience. Definitely give her a page a look! How my blogContinue reading “Blogger Recognition Award!”

Calling all Registered Nutritionist and Dietitians!

I will need your help. Random post? I know, it is 8 at night, I had nothing better to do, just kidding. I wanted to see before I go about researching this, if I had any followers, or followers who have followers who have a degree in nutrition, preferably someone knowledgeable and works in theirContinue reading “Calling all Registered Nutritionist and Dietitians!”

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award, Woah

I have never heard of this award before, something different and I don’t own a cat but still think this is neat, thank you TheHangryRunner for nominating me for this award, I feel very pleased. For starters, she is a great person to chat with and someone who really stays honest with you when it comes toContinue reading “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award, Woah”