Fitness/health Tip #2

Take a Rest Day!



Groin Pull/Groin Strain (Injury/injury prevention)

This post is not meant to be inappropriate, because groin injuries have happened to some people and are common with most contact sports. 


Groin pull? 

Also known as ‘groin strain” , is a tear/rupture to the to any of the adductor muscles resulting pain in the inner thigh. Range from mild to very severe. 



  • Known to occur when sprinting or changing direction quickly
  • during rapid movements of the leg against resistance 
  • over stretching the muscle
  • having weak adductor muscles
  • not warming up properly
  • tight adductor muscles
  • previous injury to that particular area
  • sometimes lower back injuries can contribute to this injury as well


  • Sharp pain in the groin area
  • swelling
  • discomfort
  • bruising 

symptoms depend on the severity of the injury.



  • Protect the area, ice it, rest it, compress it, and elevate it if possible
  • wearing a groin support can be helpful 
  • sports massage could be useful after 72 hours
  • electrotherapy by medical doctors is said to help the healing process

Every case is on an individualized basis, so make sure to contact your medical professional for further information/help


Have you experienced a groin pull, how long did it take to heal? what procedure did you use to help the healing process – leave answers in the comment section. 

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Fitness/Health Advice & Tips #2: Take a Rest Day

Take  A Rest Day!


Wrist Sprain (Injury)

Today is Wednesday .. and for any of you who have been keeping up with my schedule, today’s topic is of an injury. This particular injury may not be the most “popular” one but it is an injury nonetheless and so we shall talk about it. First question: has anyone reading this post ever sprained or dislocated their wrist? Let me know in the comment section your experience. 


What does it mean to sprain your wrist:

  • usually involves the wrist being bent forward or back
  • Not commonly known to occur as an “overuse” injury
  • Can vary from mild to a more severe sprain of the wrist (Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3)


  • Sudden pain in the wrist
  • if more severe you will feel a tearing or popping
  • Tender spot where the ligament was damaged
  • mild swelling
  • and bruising in more severe cases

This all depends on the location and the extent of the injury


  • More mild wrist sprains can be treated at home using the R.I.C.E method
  • Compression bandage can help reduce swelling (not for more than 10 minutes at a time)
  • More severe cases will most likely require immobilization in a split for some weeks
  • Surgery could be required for full ruptures
  • Rehab after surgery is useful.

With this all being said, seek medical care if something should happen like this to play it safe. 


Fitness WonderWoman,

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The R.I.C.E Method

Hello Bloggers,

Today’s blog post will be super short because I am having to work today and got to put a rush order on things. Nonetheless, I decided to vaguely speak on the above method called the “R.I.C.E Method” – which  is: rest, ice, compression and elevation. Now some of you are well aware of this method, which is splendid and others of you probably have never heard of it – either way it is something to remember when an accident happens. 


I should mention that each year sometimes methods change, and so if your company, organization, schooling , etc says this is not the method to use any longer, than feel free to ignore it and use whatever one works best for you, but because I was told to follow this method not too long ago by a professional, I choose to continue to use it for the time being. 


When to use this method?

  • A.S.A.P after an injury; such as a sprain.

The Reason people use this method? 

  • To relieve pain, swelling and promote healing along with flexibility. 

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I Might Be M.I.A for a few days (PMSing)

This YouTube video will explain why you may not see a blog post from me for a couple of days or may not be able to reach me on social media. I will try to log in and check and reply as long as I am feeling up to it, my body is bloated and drained so, be patient with me and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause some of you. 

P.S I did sign up for a YouNow account, so if any of you use that app, you may add me 😀 Happy Monday!

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My Gym Workout – Jan. 2nd Starting the year off the same way

Hey hey hey! 

Welcome back everyone! This is only the second day of January and I already feel the same as I did in 2016. As always, I started my morning off with a workout at the gym. Today’s workout was long in length, but still entertained my gains and gave me great pleasure. I am hoping those that follow my workouts and give them a go will appreciate this one/don’t feel rushed and continue to push yourself. 


I am still not sure what my blog will consist of – when it comes to the new 2017 blog, but I do know that I will be changing my theme at some point and will more than likely have a plan in place within this week or next (fingers crossed). I did however, give some thought into possibly using snapchat to blog with some of you and take video footage, etc but not sure how I want to go about it and whether I will use snapchat, twitter or insta video wise (live video), so that is something that is floating around. I have had many people ask for more collabs and guest posting, so I have some ideas down on paper. Right now, I am taking it a day at a time and just organizing my thoughts with this blog. Thank you for being patient with me.


Warm up: 

I didn’t do a proper warm up, the gym was really busy, so I had to do what I could with what I had available to me and used my lifting as warm up with no weights. 


Workout Session:

  • Dumbbell pushup to row: 3 x 6-10. 15lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • Romanian Deadlift: 3 x 6-10. 1 x 105lb, 2 x 155lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • Dumbbell Sumo Squat: 3 x 6-10. 30lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • Pronated wide-grip pullup: 3 x 6-10. (45 second rest between sets)
  • Dumbbell lunge: 3 x 6-10. 30lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • Leg extension: 3 x 6-10. 90lb. (45 second rest between sets) 
  • leg curl: 3 x 6-10. 70lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • standing calf raise: 3 x 6-10. (45 second rest between sets)
  • barbell upright row: 3 x 6-10. 35lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • standing overhead press: 3 x 6-10. 40lb (45 second rest between sets)
  • Dumbbell lateral raise: 3 x 6-10, 30lb. (45 second rest between sets)
  • Triceps dips: 3 x 6-10 (45 second rest between sets)
  • V-ups: 3 x 6-10 (45 second rest between sets)
  • Air squats: 135 reps
  • Kneeling cable crunch: 3 x 6-10 (45 second rest between sets)

Feel free to let me know what you think of the workout if you decide to give it a go! for more workouts, click here. Thank for reading, feel free to leave comments, share, reblog, and follow me!


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