A Rare Sunday Workout- 12 Week Cut Day Six

Happy Sunday FitFam!   Normally Sunday’s are my rest day, but since I started the 12 week cut program on a Tuesday, I had to do my workout on a Sunday. This coming week, it should be back to rest days for Sundays.  Stayed tuned, I am going to have a video demonstrating one ofContinue reading “A Rare Sunday Workout- 12 Week Cut Day Six”

Working out in the gym Jan. 25th

Hey FitFam!  Guess what? I made it to the gym again today, which means all of you get a new set of exercises to try, win-win situation. I have also noticed the gym has died down some since New Year’s, which is good for me, because I don’t have to wait for every machine orContinue reading “Working out in the gym Jan. 25th”

My Gym Workout Oct. 27th

Hey FitFam, Today was leg day at the gym, and I know many of you love your leg day exercises, Today my leg day exercise was semi intense, but nothing out of sorts for me. I didn’t do as much as I wanted to for my leg day but accomplished some cardio exercise at theContinue reading “My Gym Workout Oct. 27th”

My workout session Oct. 25th

Hey Fitness Studs 🙂  Today was another day at the gym this morning, even after missing out on sleep last night because of wanting to finish an article, regardless, today was my leg day and I did some kill exercises to earn me some gains! John was not able to make it again this morningContinue reading “My workout session Oct. 25th”