A Rare Sunday Workout- 12 Week Cut Day Six

Happy Sunday FitFam!   Normally Sunday’s are my rest day, but since I started the 12 week cut program on a Tuesday, I had to do my workout on a Sunday. This coming week, it should be back to rest days for Sundays.  Stayed tuned, I am going to have a video demonstrating one ofContinue reading “A Rare Sunday Workout- 12 Week Cut Day Six”

My Gym workout – Dec. 8th

Hello fitfam,  Today was a leg day and it was a leg day focusing on muscular endurance training, so I did low weight and high reps in all the exercises and did day two of my squat challenge.    Warm up:   Treadmill: 12 minutes, no incline, 3.6 speed Workout Session: Leg extension: 4 xContinue reading “My Gym workout – Dec. 8th”

My Gym Workout- Nov. 22nd

Hello FitFam! happy wonderful Tuesday! Today… Was another day at the good old gym. I woke up hoping that my warm-up would be better than yesterdays, and hoping that something good comes out of workout for my sake. I realized, that being at the gym wasn’t a race, so I wasn’t going to rush anything,Continue reading “My Gym Workout- Nov. 22nd”