Phase Two: Week Three. Day 16|Six Weeks To Shreds

Warm up:   2-3 minute bench step ups Workout: Barbell shoulder press (seated): 4 x 2-5. 65 lb. (1 minute bench step up between sets) Standing alternating DB press: 3 x 2-5. 70 lb. (1 minute kettlebell swings- 8kg between sets) Smith machine one-arm upright row: 3 x 4-5. 60 lb. (1 minute sprints betweenContinue reading “Phase Two: Week Three. Day 16|Six Weeks To Shreds”

Standing DB Shoulder Press (My YouTube video) This is just a short segment of me demonstrating the shoulder press with dumbbells. I am using 20 lb dumbbells in each hand and did 3 x 10. For the sake of the video, I only show one set of this exercise. Enjoy!

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Exercise – how to) – Video Demonstration  hursday has arrived and I am up early, getting ready for the day to begin. I love how when I wake up it is alright bright and sunny and looks to be a warm day. My only fuss is I wasn’t sure which blog topic I wanted to write about today, IContinue reading “Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Exercise – how to)”