Phase Two: Week 5. Day 31| Six Weeks To Shreds

Warm up: 2-3 minute skipping in place Workout: Bentover barbell row: 4 x 6-8. 65 lb (1 minute skipping in place between sets) DB incline row: 3 x 6-8. 50 lb (1 minute goblet squats – 30 lb between sets) Seated cable rows: 3 x 6-8. 120 lb ( 1 minute box jumps between sets)Continue reading “Phase Two: Week 5. Day 31| Six Weeks To Shreds”

Personal training: Helping a friend day 11

Alright everyone, I am back at it. I took my 2-3 days off from the blogosphere, it was much needed, now I am back and want to catch everyone up on John’s workouts. I have 2-3 workouts to still write about, so bare with me, because everyone has missed a lot. Many of you willContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a friend day 11”