12 week (cut) program – Day Seven (workout)

It has been an upward battle with this 12 week cut, everything sinks in quickly when you realize you have to keep a close eye on everything you eat and all your workouts. I have had a lot of support on my YouTube channel and from all of you and I appreciate that because IContinue reading “12 week (cut) program – Day Seven (workout)”

Feb 4th – Gym Workout & Challenge continues

Hey FitFam:) Happy Saturday!   So first of all, I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU to all those that stopped by blog page yesterday to take a look at my updates and wished me luck and positive vibes and encouragement, really means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate that. Secondly, I wantContinue reading “Feb 4th – Gym Workout & Challenge continues”

Feb. 1st workout

Happy Wednesday Bloggers! 🙂 I had to work last night until this morning, so I didn’t sent your challenge emails until I arrived at the gym around 9 something my time, I will try to be consistent with the time in the morning, so you know when to check your emails for it. I hopeContinue reading “Feb. 1st workout”

Gym Workout – Jan. 26th

Hey FitFam,  I woke up later than usual today due to a phone conversation last night that seemed to last longer than I would have expected but it was well worth it until I woke up and realized how tired I still was – ugh. I swear I looked at my alarm clock (yes IContinue reading “Gym Workout – Jan. 26th”

My Gym workout – Dec. 8th

Hello fitfam,  Today was a leg day and it was a leg day focusing on muscular endurance training, so I did low weight and high reps in all the exercises and did day two of my squat challenge.    Warm up:   Treadmill: 12 minutes, no incline, 3.6 speed Workout Session: Leg extension: 4 xContinue reading “My Gym workout – Dec. 8th”