Phase Two: Week 5. Day 30| Six Weeks To Shreds

Warm up:   2-3 minute bench step up Workout: Barbell shoulder press: 4 x 6-8. 65 lb ( 1 minute bench step up after each set) DB shoulder press: 3 x 6-8. 50 lb (1 minute kettlebell swing – 8kg between each set) Standing DB upright row: 3 x 6-8. 40 lb ( 1 minuteContinue reading “Phase Two: Week 5. Day 30| Six Weeks To Shreds”

Phase Two: Week 2, Day Eight| Six Weeks to Shreds

So I have been behind in posting my workouts on my websites, so I apologize for that. i have remembered to post them on #Instagram but when it comes to the blog, sometimes i take off and forget that I have other things on the agenda to write about, so with that being said, iContinue reading “Phase Two: Week 2, Day Eight| Six Weeks to Shreds”

Week One|Day 3| 6 weeks to shreds workout

Warm up: 2-3 minutes skipping in place Bentover barbell row: 4 x 9-11, 65 lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: skipping in place) Bentover DB row: 3 x 9-11, 40 lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: goblet squats- 30 lb) Seated cable rows: 3 x 9-11, 100 lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: box jumps) barbell shrugs: 4Continue reading “Week One|Day 3| 6 weeks to shreds workout”

Personal Training: Helping a friend day 46

FitFam, Sorry this post is coming at you so late in the evening, since the time change, I have been getting behind sometimes and not watching the time properly. Well the truth is, I decided to make tacos tonight last minute because I got sick of looking at them on people’s Instagram for #TacoTuesday, soContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a friend day 46”

Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)

Hello wonderful bloggers! I apologize for the late post, I left my house to hang with a friend thinking I would be home in time to write more and follow up on comments, but I was wrong, it is currently 11 at night and I am not writing this post. This might be something youContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)”