Bench is my weakness

Warm up: resistance band pull apart: 4 x 25, green DB triceps kickback: 4 x 25, 10 lbs Lat pulldown: 4 x 25, 40 lbs Workout: Barbell bench press: 3 x 3, 105 lb (85%) Barbell bench press: 3 x 2, 110 lbs (90% Barbell push press: 3 x 5, 80 lbs Superset: DB oneContinue reading “Bench is my weakness”

Leg set ready go!

Again, had to work with heavier weights to test the waters, I knew it would be difficult since it had been awhile since working out & training with heavier weights, but I managed okay and even did a video or two of the sumo deadlifts, which you can watch¬†Here¬†— they weren’t my max lifts, butContinue reading “Leg set ready go!”

7/24/2018 Workout

Warm up: Leg press: 4 x 25, 100 lbs Hip abduction: 4 x 25, 40 lbs Kettlebell stiff-legged deadlifts: 4 x 25, 8kg Workout: Sumo deadlift: 10 x 2-3 (5 x 230 lbs) (5 x 245 lbs) Barbell back squat: 10 x 6-8 (5 x 145 lbs) (5 x 170 lbs) Box squats: 5 xContinue reading “7/24/2018 Workout”

Heavy core leg lifts “learning to push through”

Feeling bloated and cramping sucks. I wasn’t sure by the way my body was acting if I would be able to go through with this heavy lifting day, especially since it was deadlifts AND squats, and I knew I wouldn’t hae time to make up for it this week — because of it being MemorialContinue reading “Heavy core leg lifts “learning to push through””

Monday Week 11

So today, I did two core lifts instead of one because Wednesday morning I have a hair appointment and wouldn’t be able to make into the gym in the morning, so I doubled up. I did the shoulder press & bench press core lifts. Barbell bench press: 3 x 5,3,1 75% of 90% of 1RM:Continue reading “Monday Week 11”