Nov.7th Workout: 8 week program| Week one|Day two

Quads, Triceps, Biceps, Abs and Calves Workout: Superset: Barbell back squat: 3 x 8, 135 lb DB lunge: 3 x 8, 40 lb Superset: Barbell curl: 3 x 8, 50 lb Lying triceps extension: 3 x 8, 30 lb Superset: Standing calf raise: 3 x 8, 115 lb Barbell romanian deadlift: 3 x 8, 185Continue reading “Nov.7th Workout: 8 week program| Week one|Day two”

Review Wednesday! I GOT MORE FREE SUPPLEMENTS! I got more free supplements from some companies, so today kicked the review off with a supplement review! no worries, I will continue to do them on food as well 🙂  

Phase Two: Week Six|Day 37|Six Weeks To Shreds

Day 37. Warm up:   2-3 minute bench step ups Workout: Barbell shoulder press: 4 x 2-5. 75 lb (seated) (1 minute bench step up between sets) DB shoulder press: 3 x 2-5, 60 lb (seated) (1 minute kettlebell swings- 8kg  between sets) Standing DB upright Row: 3 x 2-5, 50 lb (1 minute sprintsContinue reading “Phase Two: Week Six|Day 37|Six Weeks To Shreds”

Pre-workout Supplement Review|Legend Pro| Jay Cutler This is my review on Jay Cutler’s Legend pro preworkout supplement! Shay-lon xoxox