Fitness Collaboration|Six Weeks To Shreds Week 11

Week 11 🙂 This is last week’s fitness collaboration for my six weeks to shreds program!

Phase Two: 6 Weeks to Shreds. Week One. Day one.

Alright! so as all of you know I have been doing a program to gain some muscular strength and maybe lose some pounds on the side. I started this program because another YouTuber wanted to do a fitness collaboration with me and figured it would be something new and different and so here I am.Continue reading “Phase Two: 6 Weeks to Shreds. Week One. Day one.”

Fitness Collaboration YouTube|Week 5. This video is giving you an update on the fitness collaboration I am doing with the fellow YouTuber: NoFilterNina , and how talks about life, fitness and nutrition for week 5. 

Week One|Day 4| 6 week Cut program

FitFam! Hey everyone, I have some pretty fun news for all of you who have been keeping up with my blog and enjoy my fitness/health post. I have started a new cut program with a fellow YouTuber; we will be doing video updates talking about our results and point of views every Friday – myContinue reading “Week One|Day 4| 6 week Cut program”