365 Days of self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions

1.12.19 ┬áDay 13 Do you believe crying is a healthy outlet for negative emotions? What makes you cry? When I was younger, crying was a reaction I had to many things that were negative, mostly when I was trouble, I did it a lot. My mom disliked when I cried, she would always tell meContinue reading “365 Days of self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions”

Skier’s thumb (gamekeeper’s thumb) injury prevention

So I will be honest when I tell you I have never heard of this injury before, I mean I know people can hurt their thumb, but never heard of this and not an injury I hear a lot about when it comes to sports. I don’t ski so this isn’t something I would haveContinue reading “Skier’s thumb (gamekeeper’s thumb) injury prevention”