Happy Veterans Day

Thank you for your service & continued service fighting for our country & people — Young and old alike. 



5,000 Blog Subscribers!



I have OFFICIALLY made it to 5,000 subscribers on this blog! 

what does it mean? It means over 5,000 people signed up on my blog to have notifications sent to their email whenever I post something new. I made this my goal in hopes I would hit it before the beginning of next year & some days have been really hard because my traffic slows down or  I miss days blogging due to other obligations and so it makes me feel really good that through all the crappy days this blog has encountered that something like this would happen. I appreciate all of you who enjoy my content, and enjoy sharing feedback in the comments – I about cried when I had seen this , because there are so many fitness/health blogs, and YouTubers and so it becomes saturated and standing out becomes harder and harder, seemingly impossible at times. What makes my blog unique is I use my own “voice” when writing, My content doesn’t tell you how to live your life but it gives you ideas and information, it doesn’t matter your fitness level or where you are in your journey, it is always helpful. I like to think that what makes my blog stand out is I use my brand Fitness WonderWoman to catch your attention, and make you ask yourself, what makes her the “wonderwoman of fitness” – this is my brand and trademark and I use it for my career and my blog and YouTube, etc & people love it and grab on to it because it makes them feel like they can trust me and you can. 

Having this many people care about my blog and what I have to say, is SUPER AMAZING and unbelievable! Honestly unbelievable! I am so blessed and happy beyond belief and I am so happy that I made some awesome blog friends who have been more than supportive and helpful, and have driven me to aim high and keep going. I just want to end this with, I love you bloggers and I want all of us to excel together no matter your niche! keep going, aim high and soar! xoxo 

Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

300 YouTube Subscriber Milestone


Alright everyone, I wanted to happily announce that I have hit 300 YouTube subscribers on my channel. I want to thank all my bloggers and friends for hanging in there with me and being able to support me through good and bad videos, lol. I explain in this video not only my thank yous, but also my reasons why I create a YouTube my goals with my social media. 


A Fitness YouTuber Did A #Shoutout To Me (Feeling Special)


Usually I have lame videos but that is okay, because I am realizing more and more people are appreciating my content and who I am, thank you so much! 

Please check this video out! it is pretty awesome! 

800 followers .. and counting..

Heyyyy everyone! 

I wanted to make a fun announcement by sharing with all of you, that I made it to 800 followers & my subscriber list has increased as well. I am so excited, this means a lot to me – not necessarily the number itself, but the reasoning behind this number.  For some reason I have been cool enough to gain followers who love engaging with me and showing maximum support on my blog, YouTube channel and other social media outlets. Not only is this number representing the amount of readers I have, but it stands for how many people actually enjoy my blog (hopefully this is why you followed me) this means a lot to me, because it is hard to make content and make it daily like myself.. topics sometimes can get dry and may seem semi repetitive at times and being a fitness/health blogger among other bloggers who write about the same things can make it harder for me to “stand out” among the busy crowd. 

If you would have asked me last month if I had seen myself hitting 800 this month, I would have told you “no” because of the fact I thought I had not produced as good of content as I normally would have, and I knew faithful followers would probably not enjoy that aspect, but luckily for me, I kept all of your attention and have amazing people following me, who are patient and very supportive of everything that goes on in my life that I share with all of you. It is really hard to get a good following for myself because I have to cater to not only fitness/health readers but people outside of my niche who would be interested in reading my post and sometimes that makes things more challenging because I want everyone to feel welcomed on my page all the time and I want those of you who don’t workout or eat “clean”, to not feel like my blog is catering to only one kind of person or demographic – in all honesty it caters to a whole rage of people for different reasons. While I do keep on the topics of fitness/health and try to expand into mental health, personal experiences, stories, etc. I don’t always hit my mark with everyone, but I do always try to engage everyone; especially when you first follow me, I want to know what you are about and by learning that, I can somewhat help myself by making post that might catch your attention. This is  work in progress, but everyday I challenge myself and my writing ability in order to make all of you want to keep reading what I have to say. 

It has been a great blessing to have all of you, and to have spoken to a lot of you during my writing career as well, many of you have been a great help, turned into friendships, and have been very blog positive on my page – Thank you greatly. Like I said, I don’t always hit my mark with everyone who passes by, but I really try to make some of my blog post fun and engaging so that other people outside of this field or niche will not feel intimidated or feel like they can’t relate because health is important to everyone, it is part of you and it is important that you realize this- so that you never take advantage of it or do minimal damage to it. I honestly thank all of you and sorry for the long post, but each time I get 100 more followers, I feel the need to do a grammy award speech (these won’t be going away) lol. 

If you haven’t already, tell your folks about me, I am a cool gal, and I love reading your blog post and being a part of your journey’s and adventures, so always feel free to email me or talk to me on social media or whatever it may be, never be shy on this page – and if you haven’t already crack a few jokes at me during my YouTube videos 🙂

Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxo

Blogger Recognition Award -2017


Being nominated for this award was totally unexpected and super awesome! Thank you https://beautifulgraciousandgood.wordpress.com/ for nominating me. Make sure to check out her blog page, I have only just recently starting following her and she has a great blog page that highlights her life and some fitness things that might be of interest to some of you who are interested in her own journey 🙂


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated
    them and provide the link to the post you created.


I created this blog in 2015 in order to talk about fitness/health and how it relates to my life and then decided to take it one notch further and made it more of a informative blog along with some highly debatable topics to get people talking about it. I hope in the near future to integrate more things to this blog and make it my own personal website that continues to fill people’s lives with motivation and some type of inspiration.

My advice to new bloggers would be…

  1. Expand, read other things outside of your own niche. This is the best way to meet people and to learn.
  2. Don’t write to make money, write to share something, people will appreciate it more.

Here are the 15 bloggers that I have nominated:

  1. https://raynotbradbury.com/
  2. https://ecstaticallyem.wordpress.com/
  3. https://foodnutritionfitness.wordpress.com/
  4. https://thehangryrunner.wordpress.com/
  5. https://thoughtsnlifeblog.com/
  6. https://naftalichirchir.wordpress.com/
  7. https://shereenabadu.wordpress.com/
  8. https://ajibolasunday.wordpress.com/
  9. http://www.christiansweightsuccess.net/
  10. https://getridefit.wordpress.com/
  11. https://yournoviceappreviewer.wordpress.com/
  12. https://cookyourselfslim.net/
  13. https://elizabethfredrickson.com/
  14. https://gitfitsite.wordpress.com/
  15. https://fitrecovery.wordpress.com/

For more blog awards, please click here


One Year WordPress Anniversary!

Boom, Fireworks, American


I did it, I made it! Today marks my one year blog anniversary on WordPress and it has been wonderful to say the least. I seriously find it awesome that they keep track of that information and remind us, because it just goes to show all the post and work I put behind my writings and how far I have come as a blogger in the blogosphere. Everything has been so worth it, I can only hope that the fun continues into the upcoming year. I find myself in some kind of disbelief because I didn’t realize blogging would be a huge part of my everyday agenda, but it did, it became not only a hobby but somewhat of  job, a networking opportunity, a positive way to teach and motivate others and it made it possible for me to inspire people to be the best type of fit/healthy they can be – without all the extra stress and pressures. 

I thank everyone who has taken the time to comment, like and share my post. I appreciate all the positive vibes I have received from the majority of you.  Most of you taught me something along the way, whether it was your niche, about yourself or helped me to become a “writer in progress”, it is because of all of you that I actually continue to write, all because of you. My goal was to reach as many people as possible, I am doing that! I am surely not even finished doing what I came to do, I will continue to do great things with my blogs and continue to “WOW” you, continue to open up to you, continue to share my knowledge, continue to cheer you on and continue  read your blog post & support your writing – not to mention, continue to be a friend. “You got a friend in me”. 

If this month was your anniversary, CONGRATS to you as well, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! way to go and keep it going, don’t stop, don’t quit, keep progressing! I am so proud of all as writers, and I hope many of you continue to do great things! Thank you so much for being apart of my life, all of you are awesome!! 

I made a friend with my computer, my computer introduced me to other friends, and these other friends turned into a family from all over the world” – Shay-lon Moss