3 Tips to help you Stick with Your New Year’s Resolution! (YouTube video)

Topic Tuesday!!


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Topic Tuesday YouTube video – (Caution: emotional video)


Yes, I did cry in this video and yes I was trying to hold the tears back but something came over me. While the thought of me crying on video is embarrassing and I hope that no one makes jokes at it, I am not ashamed of it because it was how I felt about the situation and because life is serious. This probably won’t happen often where I am shedding tears on camera, but when it does, trust and believe I have a good reason to. I could have cut the part out where I am crying and sobbing, but I am a real person with real emotions and I am not going to hide them from people in order to look “perfect” on screen. Hopefully all of you will understand, if not. oh well. 

Shay-lon xxxx

Topic Tuesday YouTube Video – Dec. 6th

“Does lifting give you bigger muscles?”


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Period Cramps & Exercise

So… Some of you are perhaps thinking, is she really about to talk about periods… and then equate it with exercise? Will this really about periods, or is she kidding? OMG PERIODS!! NO..GROSS.. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR OR LEARN ABOUT FEMALE PERIODS. Let me break the ice by saying, this is less about periods and more about how to exercise/what exercises one should do on their periods when experiencing cramps. Now my answers are not 100% because we all experience different periods, some are longer, some are shorter, some have no cramping, some have a lot of cramping, some have heavy flow and some have light flow, some have angry bitch face and some have happy smiles, some have take 10 pills make it go away, some have 2 Ibuprofens and we are good, some have birth control, others do not, some have 1 pad, some have 2- or more, some have tampons that need replaced in minutes, some have tampons that need replaced in hours, some say sex helps, others do not, some have just recently hit puberty and some have hit menopause, some are young, some are older, some are vomit, some do not, some take showers during this time and some do not! lol.. okay but seriously, everyone gets the point, our periods are all different. This is why I am going to speak from my own experience & then also give some advice that others have shared with me. 


Periods. Periods. Periods. Periods. Periods. Periods. Periods. Say it all together now. PERIODS! I did this exercise in hopes that as adults we can get past the fact we will be discussing the female vagina excreting blood and ways to stay fit while doing so. If this seems like something you cannot handle, feel free to skip to my blog post where it shows me doing the side-lying leg raise where periods will not be present. Men, this information could be helpful for your spouse, girlfriend, bestfriend, mom, so please don’t dismiss it. 


Class is now in session…For starters, I have issues. Not the type of issues that send me to the mental ward, but the kind that physically tears me down and makes me hate my life once a month. I have for one have endometriosis, secondly have I have cyst in my ovaries (that are not cancerous but Dr’s won’t remove because of my age), I have another dysfunction dysmenorrhea. I will explain these terms so you are that much smarter:

  • Endometriosis: A disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. 
  • Dysmenorrhea: Painful cramps that may occur immediately before or during the menstrual cycle.

I have had both of these issues since the very first day of having a period, but wasn’t diagnosed until my late teens, early adult hood. I have been on medicines since then. I have had to go through so many medications that naming them all would take some time and I don’t have that. I will make mention that birth control pills do not help me, I gained weight and stopped taking them. I have had to up my doses in meds because I get immune to them fairly quickly. I currently am taking a different medicine and one pill is 800mg but I believe it is no longer strong enough for me, so I will either take more than one pill . or have my Dr. up my dose or try me on something different. I will soon need to make an appointment with my GYNO Dr, to see if anything else is up with my body. I have thought about surgery since I do not want kids, but that is out of the question because of my age. Anywho long story short I am okay and healthy! thanks for the concern, but when my monster comes around each month.. well.. people will know.. because well… my moods. In my particular situation, I don’t find that exercise is comfortable on my first day of my period (because that is when all HELL breaks lose for me) – so instead, I will workout the days leading after that, thankfully mine only last 4 days, so it flies by fairly fast. For others, exercise is not an option & that is fine. We will drop you off at this stop. 


Next stop… Exercise is bound to be odd on your period (for those that do exercise when on their period), you may feel gross, uncomfortable and will most likely not want to participate in any high intensity exercises. This is how I feel.


What do we do…  

  1. Walk. Walking gets you moving without injury or danger, light walking, nothing too fast
  2. Runners have said it helps to do light jogs, maybe for you this is true, not for me
  3. Yoga. Choose a Yoga class that doesn’t require anything that would cause you to be uncomfortable while on your period
  4. Planks- planks are easy to do while on your period.
  5. Swimming- it can be relaxing because of the water hitting our tummies just right

Anything more than these would be individual to each person. Maybe nothing on this list works for you, then you will need to find your own relief another way. It is appropriate to lay down on your period and get sleep, drink water and take it easy but because I can’t stand bloating, gaining weight and feeling somewhat lazy, I like to do exercises my 2nd to 4th day of being on my period. I hope all of you women will find this list to be beneficial, also feel free to share exercises you do while on your period! 


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx

Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 23/ TopicTuesday Youtube video


Hey FitFam!!

Guess what? The video up top is actually me filming my client/friend at the gym today! The video goes along with #TopicTuesday for my Youtube channel, please have a watch, you might decide you like it and want to watch my other videos, or you may decide you hate it and never want to watch my videos again! (hopefully not the second one). Nonetheless, the topic was: Treadmill Tuesday Gains, I made it up and because I made it up, I decided that I would talk about my client and his workout and give some input on using the treadmill. I didn’t make it a “how to” video because I figured the majority of people know how to use a treadmill, if you do not, let me know and I will make a “How to” video for you. Sadly you will not see my face in this video, only hear my voice! lol. 


John’s Workout



  •  Treadmill- 10 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed

Workout Session:

  • Treadmill- 45 minutes, 4.0 speed, no incline- 2.0 incline

Cool down:

  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, 2.5 speed, no incline

John has not been at the gym for 4-5 days (everything is repeated and explained in the description of the youtube video) so I had to basically start him over kind of, to avoid injury, and quick exhaustion. He had also been sick, so I wanted to take it a bit easy on him so that hopefully he would feel better. As you can tell in the video he had decreased his speed to 3.5- 3.9 and this is because of many things, he obviously struggles on the treadmill with endurance and that is one reason why I want to continue working on him with it because it is important to increase his cardiovascular and endurance with cardio because at some point we will need to overload to avoid plateaus in his training. He has been doing well on the bike, but I had to discuss with him, that you may be doing well on the bike and excelling at it, but the bike works different muscles than the treadmill while still working on cardiovascular but if I continue to allow you to do better at the bike but you continue to struggle on the treadmill, then I am not really helping you any & it won’t fully benefit you. Not to mention, before working him on Cross-trainers for longer bouts of time, I need to make sure he can handle the treadmill. He isn’t ready to start running yet, but that is to be expected when I can obviously tell that he struggles with walking at 4.0 speed for 45 minutes on a treadmill. I think he has it in him to succeed and to see results, but he has to push himself; I can’t force him to, but he has to want it and he has to step outside his comfort level and try because if not, he will be struggling to meet his weightloss goals.

My workout


  •  Same warmup as John, we did our warmup together. 

Workout Session: (Leg day) and I think I caught another cold. UGH!!!!!! 

  • Leg press machine: 90lb,( 1 set, 12 reps.) 110lb, (1 set, 12 reps).  130lb,( 1 set, 12 reps)  150lb, (1 set, 12 reps.) 170lb, (1 set, 12 reps).  190lb (1 Set, 12 reps).  210lb (1 set, 12 reps).  230lb (1 Set, 12 reps). 250lb (1 Set, 12 reps).  270lb (1 Set, 12 reps).  310lb (1 Set, 6 Reps) 
  • Seated crunch machine- 70lb, 50 reps.
  • Linear leg press machine: 370lb (2 Sets, 10 reps), 390lb (2 sets, 6 reps).

Cool down:

  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, no incline, 2.5 speed

My workout today was fairly straight forward, nothing phenomenal, I did PR on the Linear leg press and the Leg press machine workout, which I am happy about! I suppose Thursday I may make the leg day workout a bit more exciting for all of you depending on how I am feeling. My stuffy nose really irritated me during my workouts when I was breathing and so I kind of didn’t over exert myself too much.  If anyone hasn’t noticed, I have my days where I am doing harder, more higher intensity workouts and sweating & then I have my workouts where I typically take it easy, just depends on the mood, the day and my training/nutrition. My body has been fluctuating with strength lately because I haven’t really been eating the last couple of days very much- not to mention sometimes the lack of sleep during the night. So bare with me, I intend to kill my workouts some days and relax other days when I am at the gym. Hope all of you enjoy my video, please subscribe, follow, share, and leave comments. 


I enjoy reading other people’s workouts, so always feel welcome to drop them down in the comment section! 


Your fitness blogger,


Shay-lon xoxo