My Gym Workout: Legs & Delts

Hey FitFam,  Happy Monday motivation, hopefully all of you had a fun filled weekend  & had sweat dripping from you the whole time. Don’t let the weekends be your downtime, let them be your time to continue to put in work and aim for those goals. December can be a hard month for people toContinue reading “My Gym Workout: Legs & Delts”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 45

Hello FitFam It has been a long and grueling week, seems like I haven’t been on my blog in months but it has only been roughly 3 days and some odd minutes. I missed all of you and hope many of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving this year. My Thanksgiving went well and I didContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 45”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 31

Hello FitFam!  How is everyone’s Thursday going? Hopefully all is well and everyone is staying fairly productive today. Now that I was able to get the politics out the way, time to talk fitness! woohoo! Today’s workout might actually shock some of you and others may be thinking, eh, could be better, but either wayContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 31”

Personal training: Helping a friend day 29

Hey FitFam! I am writing this post a lot later than my usual due to my late return home, the unexpected nap I had that when I woke up I was in the Twilight zone for a hour or so, my mind being on other things and semi- having to meal plan and eat dinner,Continue reading “Personal training: Helping a friend day 29”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 28

Hey FitFam, How was everyone’s weekend? I hope everyone got out and stayed active, if not, no worries .. the weather is getting cooler, so staying indoors doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I was able to stay away from blogging for the weekend for the most part besides the one post I decided toContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 28”