Edema (Generalized)

Today’s blog post will be discussing, you guessed it! edema and more specifically I will keep it generalized, but do keep in mind that there are different types of it, and I will discuss them in future blog post so that everyone has an idea as to what they are if you don’t already. Now personally I have never experienced edema but I know people who have and this picture above is showing the puffyness in the feet and ankles. While this condition is something most of you have heard before, I still find that any health condition is an important one to discuss?

For starters, do you know what “edema” is? before scrolling down, guess and then let me know if you were spot on. 

What Is Edema?:

Swelling caused by fluid retention (aka excess fluid is trapped in the body’s tissues)


Causes of Edema (generalized)

  • Sitting or standing in one place for too long (gravity) because it is natural for water to get pulled down to legs and feet
  • weakening of valves in the veins
  • certain diseases can bring it about 
  • medications can cause it as a symptom
  • allergic reactions
  • pregnancy can cause it to happen 

How many of you have had Edema? what was the cause of yours? 


  • affected area is swollen
  • skin could look stretched out and shiny
  • pushing into the area with a figure for about 5 seconds and releasing can leave a dimple
  • trouble walking (if you have leg edema)
  • coughing or trouble breathing (if you have lung edema)

Treatment options:

Most people probably do not know this, but edema can be temporary or more permanent. 

  • treating the underlying diseases that are causing the edema 
  • putting a pillow under your legs when lying down or sitting for prolonged periods
  • try to not sit or stand for long periods of time without moving
  • wearing support stockings
  • sometimes having to limit salt intake is especially important
  • possibly seeing a professional and being prescribed a diuretic. 
  • protect swollen areas from pressure

Most importantly, see a doctor if you experience edema. 


Hopefully this tidbit of information will provide a means of sharing what I know with all of you and getting feedback from those who have experienced this or are doctors and want to add more to this information. Please share, follow, like and comment.


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


Summer “Would You Rather” Tag

I would like to thank my dear friend PoojaG for choosing to nominate me for this tag, also my first time participating. I love summer, so this sounded like a neat idea. Also, if you have not already, check out her blog, she just recently hit 3,000 followers on her blog so go wish her a congrats! 

Live in a tree house or a castle?

Part of me says a tree house because I do enjoy nature, but part of me says a castle because it would be a fun experience and offer some good history. That is a toss up, but if the tree house was really cool and built nicely & the weather was always sunny, I would probably choose a tree house. 

Be able to sing beautifully or dance beautifully?

Definitely sing beautifully, because I already dance fairly well. lol. 


Ride a horse or a camel?

A horse. Although a camel would be a fun new experience. 


Know a fairy or a unicorn?

A Fairy. 


Have a backyard that was a huge bounce house or a huge ball pit?

Huge ball pit, I always did like those when I went to Chuck ee cheese

Travel or stay home?



Be able to fly or be able to breathe under water?


Know where you’re going or have it be a surprise?

Know where I am going .. not all surprises are good ones.

Be on a boat or on an airplane?

I have never been on a plane and i might have been on a boat once but don’t remember, so it would be awesome to be on either one! 

Be able to see in the dark or be able to never get tired?

Be able to see in the dark, that would be interesting

Go on a vacation to the beach or to the mountains?

Since I have never been to a beach, a beach would be my choice. I live in Colorado so I know what the mountains are like 😀 


Have picnics in the forest or in the park?

Hm. I have had them at a park before and enjoyed it but wouldn’t mind giving a forest a try just to see what it would be like. 


Swim in the ocean or swim in a pool?

I have never been swimming in an ocean but I feel like it would heighten my anxiety unless I could see through the water clearly. I will say pool just to be safe! lol 😀 but want the opportunity to swim in the ocean.


Be a dolphin or a cheetah?

Cheetah, it is my favorite animal 🙂


Be able to make people laugh or be able to make people trust you?

I am already pretty comical and people normally always laugh around me, so I would say trust me.

Be surprised by a present or be able to pick what you get?

Be surprised, I am a simple gal, anything someone gets me is usually sweet and very awesome – it is the thought that counts. 

Eat popsicles or watermelon?



Go camping or stay in a hotel?

I have stayed in some really nice hotels, and haven’t been camping in a long time, so camping it is. 

Do art or read?

I suck at art, so read! 


Experience an epic waterslide or an epic zip line?

Oh this is a hard one because I would love either one, I love thrills like this. 

My Nominees:





Here are the questions so you can copy them! 

  1. live in a tree house or a castle?
  2. be able to sing beautifully or dance beautifully?
  3. ride a horse or a camel?
  4. know a fairy or a unicorn?
  5. have a backyard that was a huge bounce house or a huge ball pit?
  6. travel or stay home?
  7. be able to fly or be able to breathe under water?
  8. know where you’re going or have it be a surprise?
  9. be on a boat or on an airplane?
  10. be able to see in the dark or be able to never get tired?
  11. go on a vacation to the beach or to the mountains?
  12. have picnics in the forest or in the park?
  13. swim in the ocean or swim in a pool?
  14. be a dolphin or a cheetah?
  15. be able to make people laugh or be able to make people trust you?
  16. be surprised by a present or be able to pick what you get?
  17. eat popsicles or watermelon?
  18. go camping or stay in a hotel?
  19. do art or read?
  20. experience an epic waterslide or an epic zip line?

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Creatine Supplement Review|ProMera Sports


My review on the ProMera Sports Creatine Supplement.

Lemon Lime. 

Personal training: Helping a friend day six


To catch everyone all up, today was another day at the gym with my friend John. Yesterday we had to cancel due to him not getting enough sleep the night before, so we did what was expected yesterday, today. 


Dynamic stretches:

  • Walking glute stretch
  • lateral lunges
  • Frankies
Workout Session:
  • Step ups- 30 minutes (we used this red light/green light source) during red lights we stopped for about 30 seconds and during green light it would be about 45 seconds to a 1 min of continuous step ups. This sounds crazy but my gym has this room for this kind of circuit and well it is useful.
  • stationary bike- 15 minutes, level 4 resistance, RPMS 80-85 (his choice this time) 
  • step ups- 15 minutes, same goal intended with the red light/green light
Cool down:
  • Walked 2 laps inside the gym 
Overall today’s workout really made both of us work up a sweat, he was covered in it and enjoyed the step up exercise I had us doing together. I definitely will implement this more during out workouts since he is a fan of it, and of course he is making progress on the bike as well, and still loves being on the bike for cardio. His first weigh in will be Sunday Oct. 9th, and he is very nervous about it. I let him know not to worry and to not have expectations, but be happy that he came this far, so hopefully he sees some kind of results but if not, that is fine, because we will get there no matter. I am proud of him for kicking into gear this week and I am not sure if we will be meeting tomorrow for the gym, but if we do, I will keep everyone posted on the workout routine. 
His eating habits haven’t been too bad either, from what I have read on his logs, and he hasn’t eaten fast food except the sushi he had & one slice of pizza. Not eating fast food was his choice by the way, something I thought was pretty cool! So everything seems to be looking up at the moment.  
The editor will get back with me on my article in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed it goes over well. I have yet to come up with pitches for the other editor but will surely make time for that sometime this coming week hopefully. 
Have a wonderful weekend, thank you for reading, follow, share, comment, like. 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Personal Training a Friend Day two


Hello Bloggers, 

Now time for the good news, since I gave everyone semi sad news previous to this post. The good news is I was able to meet up with my friend again at the gym for our day two workout, I had mentioned before that I would change up his workout (John) in order to work on his breathing, cardiovascular capacity and endurance. 


  • 10 minute walk on the treadmill at a 3.5 speed, no incline
Workout session:
  • 45 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minute splits, 1 minute break between splits if needed at a level 3 resistance, keep RPMs at 50 or above, but not over 80. 
Cool down:
  • 5 minute walk on treadmill, no incline, 2.5 speed. 
John did great today! he didn’t need a break between the splits and kept his RPMs at a steady 60-70 the whole 45 minutes. He didn’t stop and stayed hydrated during the workout, he really pushed himself, he gives the credit to his phone because of the music. LOL. I made sure to check on him every 5 minutes to get an idea if he was feeling any soreness or pain in his body, he had pain in one of his knees for a brief moment but it went away soon after, and he started to feel the “good” kind of pain you get when you workout. I am very proud of him for today’s performance.  I let him know until his fitness level increases to a point where I think he can handle cross trainer machines, we would go back and forth with treadmills, stationary bikes, outside walks before it gets too cold, and some other cardio exercises I come up with. 
I was able to glance over last weeks eating, sleeping, and steps paperwork he turned into me, and he had some good habits going on and beat his 10,000 step goal multiple times during the week.  My only complaint was he wasn’t drinking enough water throughout the day and I can understand that because I am not a huge fan of water either and had a hard time wanting to drink it, but now I make sure I stay more on top of it. I think it will be something he will need to stay on top of, and as he exercises more often, I think that will help. 
Good job John! 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo