Happy Labor Day & Motivational Monday!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day with friends & Family! If you have the day off from work, make it worth your while 🙂 Don’t skip a gym session due to the holidays, work around the holiday cheer & get errrr done! My Motivational quote for you is:  “No amount ofContinue reading “Happy Labor Day & Motivational Monday!”

BEGREATGUYS #5 — My exam story (Try Again)

I have learned many things, some of which made a difference in my life. One of which, is learning to “try again”, which for some is easy enough but for others like myself, “trying again” is scary and makes us overwhelmed, makes us anxious and gives us stress. Stress we don’t need nor want. IContinue reading “BEGREATGUYS #5 — My exam story (Try Again)”