365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future

5.04.19 Day 24 Do you believe you deserve good things to happen to you? if not, why? Yes. Although, I feel am I also entitled to my bad days just like everybody else because without them lessons can’t always be learned and new paths can’t always be created. Are you somebody who believes they deserveContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Wishes/Hopes/Dreams/Future

5.01.19 Day 21 What could you do to improve your finances in the future? Make sound investments be mindful of the income streaming in vs the income streaming out — don’t spend more than what you bring in pay off loans/credit cards necessities BEFORE wants check band accounts often (daily) take advantage of opportunities/career changesContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Wishes/Hopes/Dreams/Future”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future

4.29.19 Day 19 What do you want most out of life? True happiness; feeling full of life and all it has to offer in a positive way & to be truly happy with myself without the constant worry of how others will perceive me or think of me; finally, some form of success in aContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future”