Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 45

Hello FitFam It has been a long and grueling week, seems like I haven’t been on my blog in months but it has only been roughly 3 days and some odd minutes. I missed all of you and hope many of you had a beautiful Thanksgiving this year. My Thanksgiving went well and I didContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend day 45”

My workout – Nov. 17th

Happy ThursdayThoughts FitFam 😀 Every Thursday on twitter is ThursdayThoughts, and I don’t necessary always partake, but when I do, it is nice to see other people’s thoughts for the day. If you want to share your Thursday Thoughts on my blog post today, that is fine, along with your workouts 😀 I may considerContinue reading “My workout – Nov. 17th”

Yesterday’s Topic Tuesday Video

Me planking for 1:00 with 25lb Weight plate Don’t mind the fact I look a hotmess, this is typical of me! lol. just pay attention to the form and technique!

Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 34

FitFam Tuesday! Happy TacoTuesday everyone! Hopefully all of you get the pleasure of eating some delicious Tacos and Mexican cuisine, I kind of cheated today and went to Chipotle for lunch, so I have leftovers for dinner. It was good, because I had not been there in over a year now, and I thought IContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 34”

Personal Training: Helping a friend day 33

Hey FitFam! How is everyone doing? How was the weekend? hopefully fun and full of productivity, although I won’t blame you if you spent most of it sleeping, because I did! oops! Haha. I also spent some of it being semi active, mostly on Saturday. Sunday’s are my #TheWalkingDead day so, I don’t want toContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a friend day 33”